RIMD, Osaka Univ. Osaka Univ.
MAFFT version 7

Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences

In alpha testing (2022/Sep)

Extract a single protein domain, using BLAST, from full-length sequences with multiple domains

Single-domain sequence(s) to be used as reference:
Examples: single sequence with single domain, or Pfam-seed
Gaps (- or .) will be reset, if any.

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Multi-domain sequences from which the reference single domain above will be extracted: 
Gaps (-) will be reset, if any, and extra regions will be removed.

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Zipped file is acceptable.

Job name (optional):
(basic Latin alphabet, number and space only)

Notify when finished (optional; recommended when submitting large data):
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Advanced settings

BLAST option

Threshold: E = (1e-1 – 1e-40)